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Presentation Hints

Thanks to fast food chains most of us recognize the term “supersizing”. More than just a marketing ploy, supersizing sums up the general attitude among us to want more for less – and why not? The trend to larger homes, however, makes it more difficult for first time buyers to enter the market. That’s where small homes shine: they are affordable ways for new buyers to own land and experience home ownership. But whether a home is large or small, everyone is looking to stretch their mortgage dollar. Sellers who can maximize the sense of space will be able to supersize (or at least optimize) their selling price!

Natural light:

Open the curtains and turn on lights before showings. If you have light-coloured walls, coordinated curtains are usually the most appealing.

Indoor light:

Small rooms can seem even smaller when they are poorly lit. Try moving in lamps from rooms that receive plenty of natural light or installing new lighting. Shed light on dark corners perhaps placing a favourite object d’art on display.


Light walls visually open up a room. If you were planning to repaint a room prior to sale anyway, consider a light neutral colour. Dark taupe walls may look very stylish, however they may clash with a potential buyer’s own furnishings. Also remember to keep the ceiling lighter than the walls in order to create the illusion of height and openness.


In general, a subtle non-distracting décor will allow potential buyers to see the room instead of the furnishings and decorations. Try to keep the main colours in a room coordinated and limited to a simple palette. For example if you have a blue couch, pale yellow walls and green chairs, consider putting either the couch or chairs in the basement or in storage.

Clear away the clutter and knickknacks:

Too many belongings crowded into a room mean people will see less of the room as well as making the room look smaller. Minimizing your “signature style” on a home also makes it easier for new buyers to imagine themselves and their own belongings in the home.

Curb appeal:

As buyers drive up to your home, it’s the yard and exterior of the house that will make the first impression. Mow the lawn, spruce up your yard with flowers and trim the bushes. Remember that outdoor space is especially appealing to buyers moving out of apartments. Ensure the patio and furniture are clean and welcoming.

If you have any questions about buying or selling a home, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

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